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Affiliation information

The cost of running the club and its activities are met from the fees we charge each year and from the support of sponsorship. We aim to ensure that we generate just enough revenue each year to run the events we offer... not to make a profit.Our fee structure (which is subject to change at any time) involves two payments...

  1. Affiliation Fees which are based on the total number of teams that your club enters (be they mixed teams, ladies only or snowboarder teams), and
  2. Entry Fees that are charged at each event (be they league rounds, league finals, collegiates or alpines).

One of the things that takes us the most time is chasing payment! The time this takes can actually put the club's financial situation in a very shaky state, and takes our Treasurer ages to follow up. Like all our officials, the role of treasurer is a volutary one - totally unpaid - and so we must rely on each club to ensure their own treasurer does his/her job, and makes sure that payments are made on time! That may mean chasing up their own Sports or Student Unions to pay our invoices... or simply getting out the club's own cheque book once in a while!


AFFILIATION FEES (2014-15 season)

These fees are charged just once at the start of EACH SEASON. Each racing team must be registered with Kings Ski Club. We have a simple fee structure...

One team
£150.00 per season
Two teams £200.00 per season
Three teams £250.00 per season
Four teams £300.00 per season
Five teams £350.00 per season
Six teams or more £400.00 per season

All teams that have registered with Kings Ski Club are considered to be affilliated to the Club. You may increase your registration level at any point during the season. All payment for registration must be made BEFORE the first race night or the club reserves the right to refuse your team entry to that race or subsequent races until registration is paid.



ENTRY FEES (2014-15 season)

These are entry fees and they are charged at EACH ROUND.

Mixed Team - 5 members per team (must include 1 male/female) £55 per team per round
Ladies Team - 4 ladies per team £20 per team per round
Snowboard - 4 members per team £45 per team per round



All cheques should be made payable to "Kings Ski Club" and should be sent to the address on the invoice. If you require receipts to be sent, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your payment.

If payment is made via a student union official or office, its still the team captain's responsibility to ensure that payments have been made. While we don't want to exclude any team from racing when they arrive at a slope, we must reserve the right to do so... particularly if bills are unpaid!