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Club Constitution

  1. The name of the Club shall be Kings Ski Club.
  2. The Club shall operate from the home address of the club secretary.
  3. The object of the Club shall be to provide winter sports facilities and associated interests for all its members. Also it shall arrange, at the best possible rates, any activities which members may require.
  4. Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone. The classes of membership shall be as follows:
    1. Full student membership, open to all students in fulltime education.
    2. Full non-student membership, open to all non-students.
    3. Affiliated membership subject to rules laid down by the Committee is open to all clubs or organisations whose members will be entitled to the same benefits and rights of full members, with the exception of voting rights which will be allocated on the basis of one vote for every registered mixed race team, or one vote per club if that club is not engaged in racing.
  5. Honorary life membership which shall be awarded to members who have given outstanding service to the Club as nominated through the Chairman and ratified by the Annual General Meeting.
  6. All members shall be entitled to vote at all general meetings of the Club.
  7. Committee
    1. There shall be a Club committee which shall consist of:
      1. President
      2. Chairperson
      3. Secretary
      4. Race Secretary
      5. Treasurer
      6. Social Secretary
      7. Three Ordinary Committee Members
      8. Up to two co-opted Ordinary Committee Members
    2. III and V shall be elected on even numbered years,
    3. IV and VI shall be elected on odd numbered years.
    4. VII shall be elected annually.
    5. All candidates for the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by two members, and the proposal shall be submitted at either the AGM or any EGM where elections are to be considered.
    6. All elections shall take place at the Annual General Meeting on a hand count of the members there present, in accordance with the Constitution note 4c)
    7. One member from the newly formed committee shall be the deputy Chairman/President. The holder of this position will be decided upon by the newly formed committee.
    8. Newly elected officers shall assume office with immediate effect.
    9. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to two additional Committee members. Such member ship of the Committee shall lapse at the next AGM.
    10. An honorarium will be paid by the club in recognition of the work carried out in the roles of Race Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary. This honorarium will be equal to the sum of £300.00 per annum.
    11. No member can enter directly into a position of honorarium without previously undertaking at least one years voluntary race officiating is to be added.
    12. Any persons who are engaged in an official capacity on behalf of the club shall be entitled to honorary membership during each year of their service and will be entitled to full members rights
  8. The annual subscription for members shall be determined one year in advance of that membership year at the September Committee Meeting.
  9. The membership year will run from 1 October to 30 September. The financial year will be the same as the membership year.
  10. The Treasurer shall cause to be kept such accurate and proper books of account as will enable him or her at every Annual General Meeting, or at such other time as may be required by the Committee upon reasonable notice, to present to the Club a full and accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club for the preceding year, or for the current year as the case may be, and shall present such report and statement accordingly.
    1. Meetings
      1. A general meeting of the Club (to be known as the Annual General Meeting) shall be held annually. The date, venue and time of this meeting shall be published to Club members at least 21 days before the said meeting. The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall consist of the election of the officials and other business, notice of which shall be given to the Secretary in writing at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.
      2. Additional general meetings of the Club may be summoned at any time by the Committee following 14 days written notice to be circulated to all members by the Secretary.
      3. The Secretary shall summon a general meeting if required to do so by written request signed by no fewer than 15 members, representing classes A-C of membership. Upon receipt of such a request, the Secretary shall cause such a meeting to be summoned by notice displayed in the Club newsletter, the meeting to be held as soon as possible after the expiry of seven days from the display of the said notice, but no more than three months of the receipt of request.
      4. At all general meetings of the Club, voting shall be confined to members of the Club and every such member shall be entitled to be present and to cast one vote upon every question put to the vote. In the case of equality of voting, the chairperson of the meeting (who shall be the chairperson of the Club, if present, or his/her deputy) shall have a second casting vote. All voting (except where expressed otherwise elsewhere in these rules) shall be by simple majority taken by ballot.
      5. The Secretary, if present, whom failing some other member nominated by the meeting, shall take minutes of the proceedings at all general meetings of the Club.
      6. In calling any general meeting, the Secretary shall, by notice to all members, specify the business to be conducted thereat.
  11. Behaviour
    1. All members when on a Club holiday are expected to behave in a manner which causes no disruption of any nature to any other Club members, or other people that they may come into contact with on the said holiday.
    2. The Committee may suspend or expel persons whose conduct is considered by the Committee to be detrimental to the best interests of the Club or its reputation.
    3. Any member who causes negligent or wilful loss or damage to items on any Club activity that are not their own, shall be expected to replace, repair or reimburse for said loss or damage.
    4. The Committee shall promulgate the rules for the day to day operation of the Club, it may at any time change the rules as it sees fit - notice of which shall be given in the usual manner.
  12. If the Club is to be dissolved, it shall be done at the end of the current membership year and all current members shall be informed as soon as possible. In the event of dissolution of the Club, any surplus of monies belonging to the Club, subject to the payment of any debts and liabilities, shall be distributed on a pro-rata basis to existing members of the Club.
  13. Any dispute arising out of, or not covered by, these rules, shall be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.