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Four regional leagues - Four rounds each season!

The Kings Dry Slope Championships are the focus of the Club's activities, and we've been running those events for over 30 years now!

While the racing is always competitive, our main aim is to have fun in the long, cold months when we can't be racing on the real stuff! The format we use is dual slalom, and teams can be mixed, ladies or boarders. Each event also features a fancy-dress theme that is equally competitive... and the more outrageous the costumes, the better! The majority of teams come from the universities around England and Wales, but anyone can enter a team! All you need to do is affiliate, and turn up at the events!

league logo F40By the end of round four, we'll know which teams have qualified to participate in the National Finals event... when, as well as the regular dual slalom format races, we also run individual slalom races! Below are the contact details and dates for the next round at each regional meeting...

Northern League

Southern League

Midlands League

Western League